Sunday, 14 February 2016

Connect With Me

Connect With Me

Connect with me;
plug in your emotions,
let our thoughts intertwine.
Worry not about the space between us
for there are greater spaces to be found within.

Connect with me;
undress your thoughts,
remove the mask that veils them.
Feel the sweet icing melt away, the thrill of discovery
as you come to see that which is really you - that which you have bundled away.

Connect with me;
unwrap that part of you hidden from the world,
hidden so well beneath the soft skin of your soul, hidden so well
in plain sight: in the emotions you give away, in the tapping of your fine fingers, the sweep of your hand
as you catch the hair that falls in front of your eyes.

Connect with me;
fix your eyes upon mine - don’t lose me now,
don’t lose this channel to the interference of Fear, who stalks us all.
Don’t censor those thoughts, your eyes will not allow you to -
Don’t break this chain of magic now - as they roam around, disconnected from your soul
by Father Fear himself: “Don’t let them out!”

Connect with me;
shut Him out and let those eyes burn bright;
the pearls of your existence that have so faithfully recorded your every sight
now seek to betray you and project your inner sanctum to me.
But they do not betray you - it is you who betrays them as they try to connect to me.

              For they understand that it is through honesty that you will connect...
              That you will connect to the right “me” and not  the “me” that you may
              expect me to be.

Connect with me;
connect with me and discover that you are within me,
not in the space that you define as me.
The space between us is no longer so;
there can no longer be a space when you drop your guard.

Connect with me;
and you will realise that you no longer connect to me.
You will come to see that the “me” you imagine is only who you allow me to be,
the “me” you connect to now will simply be your inner galaxy:
your galaxy reflected in you, and you in it.

You are connected now.
You are connected to me.

You are me.

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